Stress and its influence on Alzheimer’s disease

Aging is an inevitable journey for everyone, and includes many obstacles and different paths to take.  How we live our lives can have enormous impact on whether we grow old gracefully, or succumb along the way. Good physical health, through diet and exercise, will allow people to remain active well into their twilight years, but as lifespan increases it is also important to take care of and maintain brain health as well.  Fortunately, it appears that what is good for the heart is also good for the brain, and thus by keeping active, both physically and mentally, and maintaining a healthy diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids, a person can have the best chance of aging successfully, and avoid both heart disease and brain disease. more >

Plaque-blocking compound may aid Alzheimer’s treatment

Researchers with the Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders (UCI MIND) have discovered how a novel compound can reduce the accumulation of brain plaques seen in Alzheimer’s without the side effects produced by current drugs used for the chronic neurodegenerative disease. more >

Daily Pilot article on Wine for the MIND

Bruce Cook, The Crowd: The mind is tops at wine event

One American develops Alzheimer’s disease every 70 seconds, statistics report. According to Linda Scheck, who is with UC Irvine’s Mind Institute, the Baby Boomer generation is entering the high-risk age group for being diagnosed with the disease with as many as 10,000 turning 65 every day. more >

UCI MIND Scientists uncover presenilin function

UCI MIND graduate student Kara Neely, and Professors Green and LaFerla have discovered a key role for presenilin, a protein involved in the production of amyloid-beta, which forms the plaques in Alzheimer’s disease.  In a study published in the February 23rd edition of the Journal of Neuroscience, the research team show that presenilin plays an integral role in the way that cells, including neurons, dispose of misfunctioning and broken proteins. more >

Wine for the Mind 2011 photo

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Wine for the Mind 2011 photo

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Wine for the Mind 2011 Photos

Wine for the MIND – Saving Memories with Style attracted over 300 guests who enjoyed food, wine and fashion, all related to Alzheimer’s.  It was a fantastic event, chaired by Jacqueline DuPont and a committee of dedicated volunteers.   Below are a selection of the photos – click on the thumbnails to see the photos and cycle through them. more >

Wine for the Mind – Saving Memories with Style

This event was a success!  Watch this space for further announcements about supporting research at UCI MIND.

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ADRC Conference 2010

Friday saw the 2010 ADRC Conference.  Click here for the details. more >