Lack of Research Volunteers Slows Progress in Alzheimer’s Disease


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Dr. Frank LaFerla Featured by

Dr. Frank LaFerla serves as Chief Alzheimer’s Research Expert for  He shares the urgent need to advance research about Alzheimer’s disease and the efforts of UCI MIND to ensure that memories last a lifetime for future generations.  Today, 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease and a new case of develops in the United States every 68 seconds.  Without effective treatment and prevention strategies, the number of Americans affected by Alzheimer’s disease will grow to at least 16 million by 2050, with the cost of care bankrupting our society. more >

UCI MIND Launches Outreach to Chinese Americans

Dr. Malcolm Dick, UCI MIND Senior Neuropsychologist

An overflow crowd of 160 Chinese Americans attended the UC Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorder’s (UCI MIND) first workshop on memory loss targeting this growing ethnic community.  Offered with translation, Memory Loss: Should I Be Concerned? more >

Any Kind of Physical Activity Protects the Oldest Old from Alzheimer's Disease

Staying physically active is critical for brain health, but you don’t necessarily have to break a sweat exercising to protect yourself from developing Alzheimer’s disease.   Among the oldest old, those who were the most physically active, whether through routine activities like housework and gardening or traditional exercise, had 2.3 times less risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than those who were the least physically active, according to a study just published in the April 24, 2012 issue of Neurology. more >

Time of Your Life raises $100,000 for Alzheimer’s Research at UCI MIND

More than 500 guests stepped back in time to the 1960s at the Time of Your Life fundraiser, held at the Center Club in Costa Mesa on March 10, 2012.  The benefit, in support of Alzheimer’s research at UCI MIND, was led by Jacqueline DuPont, Ph.D., Irvine Cottages, and her husband, Marc Carlson, and fellow co-chair, Linda Young.  The threesome had volunteered for two previous successful UCI MIND fundraisers.  They gathered their team of loyal volunteers to serve on this year’s committee to produce a truly unique event.  You had to be there! more >

A Time of Your Life Raises Funds for UCI MIND

Over 500 guests enjoyed A Time of Your Life Saturday, March 10th, and raised much-needed funding to support research at UCI MIND.  Thank you to sponsor San Clemente Villas by the Seas for this video that shares the sights and sounds of the evening. more >

Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease – Video

Learn about Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and ways to support research at UCI MIND

Is dementia the same as Alzheimer’s disease?  Dr. Cordula Dick-Muehlke, Director of Education at UCI MIND, answers this common question and describes Mild Cognitive Impairment, the transitional stage between normal aging and dementia. more >

UCI MIND Scientist and Caregiver on Alzheimer’s


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Cancer drug rapidly clears amyloid plaques

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have demonstrated that bexarotene, an FDA-approved drug for the  treatment of skin cancer, dramatically and rapidly clears amyloid plaques from the brains of mice bred with Alzheimer’s disease.  Led by Gary Landreth, Ph.D.,  the study just published on line in Science Express, found that bexarotene not only enhanced clearance of beta amyloid, an abnormal protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but also improved some cognitive and behavioral functions. more >

UCI Teaser Video

Trailer video for the full version of a documentary that looks at what UCI is doing to fight Alzheimer’s disease.