UCI MIND Scientists uncover presenilin function

UCI MIND graduate student Kara Neely, and Professors Green and LaFerla have discovered a key role for presenilin, a protein involved in the production of amyloid-beta, which forms the plaques in Alzheimer’s disease.  In a study published in the February 23rd edition of the Journal of Neuroscience, the research team show that presenilin plays an integral role in the way that cells, including neurons, dispose of misfunctioning and broken proteins. more >

Wine for the Mind 2011 photo

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Wine for the Mind 2011 photo

Wine for the Mind 2011 Photos

Wine for the MIND – Saving Memories with Style attracted over 300 guests who enjoyed food, wine and fashion, all related to Alzheimer’s.  It was a fantastic event, chaired by Jacqueline DuPont and a committee of dedicated volunteers.   Below are a selection of the photos – click on the thumbnails to see the photos and cycle through them. more >